Emily Gantz, Bride, Baldwin, WI

"MobileSalon was AMAZING!!!!! Would hire them again in a heartbeat!"

Laurel C.

"“Our stylist always does an amazing job with our daughter’s hair! Thanks so much! Look forward to seeing you soon!”"

Amanda C.

"Friendly conversation, and cared about what was currently happening in my life. Listened well about what I wanted for my new hair color and didn't rush into it!"

Dave G.

"I always wait until my wife comments on my haircut, and then things are all good again! My shampoos never feel the same as when you do it. I'm very happy with my haircut, and wish you continued success with the mobile venture!"

Kylie W.

"I loved how friendly and welcoming she was! Definitely made the experience 10X better. My hair turned out exactly how I wanted it to! Would recommend to everyone!"

Aaron Bridley

""Ashley continues to do fantastic work on my difficult hair. I can always count on her to help me look good!""